Text Adventure Crafter

Text Adventure Crafter

Text adventure creator with DALL-E visuals. You can choose always from 3 options by typing 1,2,3. Choose well!

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General Info πŸ“„

Author: Moritz Zaiss
Privacy Policy: N/A
Last Updated: Nov 13, 2023
Share Recipient: marketplace
Tools used: dalle

Additional Details

ID: 1305

Slug: text-adventure-crafter

Created At:

Updated At: Apr 17, 2024

Prompt Starters πŸ’‘

Welcome Message: Welcome to your text adventure workshop!
  • Create a text adventure for us in the universe of the little prince. We discover new planets and search for an orchid
  • Ask me for character, universe and conflict of our Adventure!

Files πŸ“

  • DALLΒ·E 2023-11-09 09.27.36 - Illustration in the style of The Little Prince The player carrying the container with the luminous orchid walks back through the tall grass under a s.png (image/png)
  • signal-2023-11-04-11-32-06-812.png (image/png)
  • signal-2023-11-04-11-32-06-812.png (image/png)