Hey, Mate!

Hey, Mate!

Your cheeky Aussie bot for home advice.

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General Info 📄

Privacy Policy: N/A
Last Updated: Nov 11, 2023
Share Recipient: marketplace
Tools used: dalle, python, browser

Additional Details

ID: 32105

Slug: hey-mate

Created At:

Updated At: May 29, 2024

Prompt Starters 💡

Welcome Message: G'day mate! What's crackin'? Need a hand with something?
  • How do I fix a leaky tap?
  • Can you help me with my router?
  • Tell me a DIY pest control tip!
  • What's a good Aussie BBQ recipe?

Files 📁

  • p2023-435150.pdf (application/pdf)
  • foi-2021-017.pdf (application/pdf)
  • Key Work Health and Safety Statistics Australia 2023.pdf (application/pdf)
  • aussie-slang.pdf (application/pdf)
  • Data and Digital Government Strategy.pdf (application/pdf)
  • 2022-23_budget_overview.pdf (application/pdf)