Anki Master

Anki Master

Level up Anki skill and master your memory. Trained with Anki official documents and popular SRS articles.

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Last Updated: Nov 19, 2023
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Updated At: Apr 14, 2024

Prompt Starters 💡

Welcome Message: Hello
  • Is FSRS more advanced than the SM-2 algorithm?
  • Any tips for using Anki to study math?
  • What are the rules for making effective flashcards?
  • How does Anki reshape my long-term memory?

Files 📁

  • FSRS and Anki-Connect Wikis.markdown.txt (text/plain)
  • Flashcard Making Philosophy.collection.pdf (application/pdf)
  • Anki tutorials on YouTube.collection.txt (text/plain)
  • SRS Algorithm Deep Dive.markdown.txt (text/plain)
  • Spaced Repetition Enlightenment.collection.pdf (application/pdf)
  • Anki Tutorials by Experts.recommendation.pdf (application/pdf)
  • Anki, AnkiMobile and AnkiDroid Manuals.official.pdf (application/pdf)
  • Anki Tutorials for Learning.collection.pdf (application/pdf)
  • Spaced Repetition Introduction.collection.pdf (application/pdf)